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Our ESG strategy

Great ideas that last

At MONTONI, we are committed to making environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria a permanent strategic reflex. With AMBITION by MONTONI, we are building on our past experience to deliver on our promises for the future.

Our ESG strategy serves as a compass, with five distinct ambitions. Our goal is to leave a sustainable environment for future generations to live in.


ESG Strategy

The construction industry is responsible for 40% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how MONTONI is working for a greener society.

Climate change

Day after day, we aim to contribute to the ecological transition by providing innovative solutions that enable us to build ever- greener buildings.

Over the last 20 years, our team has built on its solid expertise to develop more than 50 sustainable projects that have achieved LEED certification, ZCB (Zero-Carbon Building) standards or Distinction by MONTONI certification.


We strive to deliver the best sustainable projects in the industry —nothing less. By challenging existing regulations and continuously innovating, we work with our clients and partners to create a greener legacy.

By pushing the boundaries of responsible design, our experts create high-performance buildings that benefit the health of their occupants and the environment.

Talent and culture

We believe that a company's prosperity depends first and foremost on the talent within it. To support the development of our team members, we strive to provide a fair, respectful and safe working environment that is healthy, dynamic, and rewarding.

Our exceptional projects are the result of an exceptional team, where expertise and professional satisfaction go hand in hand.


As corporate citizens, we believe it is our duty to participate actively and positively in the community. This mindset guides our strategic decisions.

We also get involved by taking concrete action in our communities and supporting causes close to our hearts.


Our ESG strategy ensures that we not only maintain high standards of transparency and corporate responsibility, but also support our partners in achieving their own ESG goals.

Our successes and achievements are the result of a robust governance structure that reflects our promise, our leadership, and our values.