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Distinction by MONTONI program

A new chapter in our sustainable building journey

The development of our own certification program is no small matter: It demonstrates our commitment to the planet and the well-being of its inhabitants through the construction of increasingly smart buildings.

Distinction by MONTONI makes it possible to carry out a greater number of sustainable projects, while optimizing the well-being of their occupants.


Distinction by MONTONI

By 2030, it is estimated that green buildings will save the equivalent of 53 megatonnes of carbon dioxide. Learn more about our own sustainable certification.

Democratizing sustainable performance standards for sustainable buildings

The program, launched by our team in 2018, is based on achievable sustainable measures for all types of real estate projects. Offered at a lower cost than traditional certifications, Distinction by MONTONI maximizes the cost-benefit ratio.

The benefits of buildings that comply with Distinction by MONTONI

Improved productivity, lower employee turnover, reduced operating costs and a positive impact on the community are just some of the program's numerous tangible benefits.