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Zero-Carbon Building (ZCB) standards

A made-in-Canada solution

Aimed at decarbonizing all buildings in Canada, Zero-Carbon Building (ZCB) standards apply to all industrial, commercial and residential buildings in the country.

These standards offer a stringent yet flexible framework, guiding the design and sustainable performance of new buildings or building renovations with the objective of eliminating carbon emissions.


ZBC Standards

The construction industry accounts for 28% of carbon emissions in the country. Find out how ZCB standards ensure a more sustainable future.

Zero-Carbon Building

A high energy performance that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions from its operation and the production of its materials.

*Until all emissions are eliminated, carbon credits can be used as an offset measure.

One certification, two routes

The ZCB program is split into two categories: design standards and energy performance standards.

MONTONI's team of experts can help you achieve carbon neutrality as regards to both the design and functionality.