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Having our teams handle every step of the project gives us the flexibility to offer our clients a 360-degree, personalized service that responds to their specific needs. Our rational, yet creative approach lets us deliver innovative solutions that are both well-considered and high-performance.


Our project development professionals lead all of our activities in the areas of expansion, acquisition and development of sites and buildings for construction or leasing. Over the years, through judicious acquisitions, we’ve built a portfolio of award-winning development projects admired by investors and builders throughout Greater Montreal.

MONTONI development
MONTONI Urban planning team

Urban planning

Our team of urban planners creates and organizes strategies for optimizing the quality of every project. Our professionals work together with various levels of municipal and governmental authorities to create the best projects given their goals. This specialization makes MONTONI a pioneer in the construction sector.


Our on-site workers handle every aspect of building construction. This enables us to maintain an overall perspective on our projects to ensure optimal quality control. Our team permits no compromises in terms of safety and also manages the rigorous training of our employees to ensure they comply with every standard and best practice in construction safety.

MONTONI Construction team
MONTONI Property Management

Property management

We manage your property with the same care and attention we give our construction projects. All of our services are supported by the highest performing operational systems and logistical tools, enabling us to remotely safeguard your buildings at all times.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your acquisitions by evaluating properties during their pre-acquisition phase, revitalizing and repositioning buildings, enhancing buildings, and seeking out properties with the potential for being good investments.

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Our extensive network of clients and partners enables us to target new market opportunities. We can maximize the value of your investments thanks to solid investments that generate stable returns in the long run. Our services stand apart for their conformity to the highest ethical and quality standards.

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