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Smart buildings

The essential choice for going green

As a leading innovator in the real estate industry, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies into the construction of all our buildings. Our team develops and implements technical solutions that benefit both current and future residents.

A necessary and beneficial revolution

At MONTONI, we believe that technologies open the door to progress by enabling us to reimagine the design and real estate of tomorrow. They simplify the daily lives of our teams, our partners, and the users of our buildings, while enabling us to adapt our buildings to their specific needs, situations, and environments.

Continuous improvement

Innovative technologies

By incorporating artificial intelligence into our processes, we collect data that tells us more and more about how people interact with their environment. The information gathered enables our teams to design innovative buildings that are adapted to their needs.

Customized comfort

A human-focused approach

Designed by experts in smart architecture, our buildings can be tailored to the habits and preferences of their occupants. Automated applications and processes put users in control of their living environment.

Looking ahead

Maximum profitability and sustainability

Investing in the construction of smart buildings means taking concrete action for owners and the planet:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs
  • Smart resource management
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Greater flexibility and resilience
  • Long-term enhancement of property value
  • Social and environmental responsibility