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Sustainable construction

Building a stronger, more lasting legacy

Our commitment to quality goes hand in hand with our dedication to sustainability. Our teams aim to reduce our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest standards of efficiency, safety, and security.

Strength in unity

To ensure that buildings are designed efficiently and optimally, all our project resources are integrated, from architects and engineers to construction managers and green —and smart— building experts. The result is coherent and beneficial initiatives, such as the choice of clean energy or the acquisition of land, that minimize the impact on the environment and maximize benefits for occupants.

Controlled practices

Recognized certifications

We are masters in the rigorous application of international (LEED®) and Canadian (ZCB) environmental standards, and have taken our commitment to the next level by developing our own certification program: Distinction by MONTONI.

Driven by concerns for the environment

Dedicated team

Our team is committed to executing our sustainable strategy, so that we contribute to the ecological transition by providing innovative solutions that enable us to build ever- greener buildings.

From design to operation

Careful assessment

Our rigorous monitoring and analysis processes enables us to continually review our environmental impact. Where necessary and possible, we make improvements that enhance the design sustainability and energy performance of our buildings.