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Data Centers

Mission Critical

Our teams possess the necessary knowledge, experience, and training to ensure the success of your mission-critical projects. MONTONI lead design initiatives, oversee construction processes, and manage commissioning - handling everything from the foundational building construction to interior fit outs. Recognizing and respecting the needs of our clients, we prioritize confidentiality by implementing strict protocols to protect sensitive information and ensure health and safety in the workplace.

Our expertise at MONTONI:

  • 45 megawatts designed or built
  • 175 years of combined construction experience for the entire team MONTONI
  • 175 megawatts of combined team experience for the entire team MONTONI

Discover our ambitious data center projects!

153 000 sq. ft.

Varennes, Quebec (South Shore)

The construction of this 40 MW building entails a solid structure, as well as the design and implementation of its interior fit out. This approach ensures not only the foundation and structural integrity of the facility but also the seamless integration of functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.

143 907 sq. ft.

Varennes, Quebec (South Shore)

Our commitment to precision and innovation of the construction of this 50MW building is divided into six distinct stages labeled COLO 1-6. These interiors fit out phases are currently in various stages of construction, each tailored to enhance functionality and aesthetic appeal.

86 800 sq. ft.

Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec (West Montreal)

This project involves adding three storeys to an existing Data Center. This expansion includes an 8MW base building, providing a solid foundation for increased capacity and operational efficiency. Additionally, a 2MW fit out is integrated, ensuring that the interior spaces are optimized for the specific needs of our client.

Pointe-Claire, Quebec (West Island)

This project involves the removal of the existing rooftop Air Handling Units (AHUs) within a current operational data center. This task requires precision and expertise to seamlessly extract the outdated equipment without disrupting the environment. Following the removal process, AHUs were meticulously re-installed, ensuring enhanced efficiency and optimal climate control within the facility.

94 005 sq. ft.

Pointe-Claire, Quebec (West Island)

This project involves the addition of a two-story expansion to an existing Data Center, with a capacity of 24MW, establishing a strong foundation to enhance both capacity and operational capabilities. Additionally, a 4MW fit out is integrated into the design, tailoring interior spaces to meet specific client requirements.

155 782 sq. ft.

Pointe-Claire, Quebec (West Island)

This project involves the conscientious development of a 30MW building. Additionally, an 8MW fit out is integrated, ensuring that the interior spaces are optimized for functionality and efficiency with the highest standards of performance and innovation.

Varennes, Quebec (South Shore)

Undertaking this pivotal project, we are engaged in the design and construction of a high-voltage substation, transitioning from 315kV to 25kV. This strategic development process from Hydro-Québec establishes a direct connection to feed power to an existing data center through the newly installed substation. The meticulous design and construction phases are tailored to meet the specific electrical requirements, ensuring a reliable transition to the enhanced power infrastructure.