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Concrete expertise

With excellence as our driving force from the outset, over the years we have built a portfolio of award-winning projects recognized by investors and clients alike. Our approach to sustainable building is rigorous, creative and committed.

A diverse portfolio

Our experts specialize in the acquisition and development of land and buildings for construction or leasing. 

Industrial - Commercial - Office spaces - Institutional - Mixed-use - Data Center - Residential

Tailored to your needs

Customized development

With a wealth of experience and an established expertise, our team is dedicated and versatile. The diversity of our skills enables us to excel in the delivery of complex and specialized projects, as well as in the development of large-scale construction ventures.

On familiar ground

Geographical presence where it counts

Our properties are strategically located throughout Québec and Ontario to answer your needs, whether in the heart of Montréal, on the North Shore, the South Shore, in Toronto or elsewhere.

Where style meets efficiency

Architectural innovation

Our passion for design drives us to create innovative, high-quality spaces. Every details counts, that is why we develop our projects with a constant eye for functionality and aesthetics.