As a result of all its work in recent years, MONTONI ranks among the biggest innovators in terms of the technology used in property development and construction.

Smart buildings

Smart buildings make autonomous use of applications and automated processes that respond to their users’ routines, schedules and preferences. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) also enables the application of an infinite flux of data towards the construction of better performing buildings. This type of data enables architects to calibrate the building’s systems, thereby personalizing the building based on its occupants’ needs.

MONTONI Smart Buildings


During the creation of our 3D architectural designs, our teams use the BIM (Building Information Modelling) work process. This method represents an added value for clients because it facilitates the communication of the concept to the client using elevations and 3D, gathers together all project information and lightens the planning and construction process while still avoiding mistakes.

Data Centre

In the face of increasing demand for specialization in the construction industry and given MONTONI’s deep engagement with innovation, a new highly specialized division dedicated to data centre development was created.

MONTONI stands apart due to the precision and performance of its team of experts in data centre development. Thanks to this team as well as our partners, we’re able to design and build facilities of advanced electrical and mechanical complexity. Our team adapts to client design concepts and standards while exceeding client’s expectation on delivering their facilities.

This new division is led by Antonio Mancini, an experienced specialist in data centre development. Today his achievements in the field are recognized as points of reference across North America.

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Profiting from a climate that favours the maintenance of cooling systems and equipment, as well as lower electricity costs, Quebec is a preferred region for data centre installation.

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