Over the years, we have become a leading innovator in our sector because of our integration of technology in property development and construction.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings make independent use of applications and automated processes that adapt to people’s routines, schedules and preferences. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) also enables the application of an infinite flux of data to build better performing buildings. This type of data enables architects to customize the calibration of a building’s systems based on its occupants’ needs.

Groupe Montoni Smart Buildings


When we develop 3D architectural designs, our teams use a BIM (Building Information Modelling) work process to help us better communicate the concept to you. The BIM work process provides added value because it includes elevations and 3D images, centralizes all project information and facilitates the planning and construction process while minimizing error.

Data Centre

At MONTONI, we are committed to innovation. Given the increasingly specialized requirements of the construction industry, we created a new, highly focused division dedicated to the construction of data centres.



Members of the construction department execute complex projects while ensuring delivery that is on time and on budget. Using proven methods as well as advancements in the industry, this team is responsible for fulfilling client needs and ensuring quality that conforms to the most stringent technical requirements.



From ideation to the final touches, our team of architectural technologists and interior designers combines creativity with analytical thinking, resulting in designs that enhance productivity, efficiency and the well-being of building occupants.

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