Comfort Food: The Berardi Family's Lasagna at 495 Beaumont!

Comfort Food: The Berardi Family's Lasagna at 495 Beaumont!

Sharing delicious homemade lasagna as a morale booster: an idea that originated during the pandemic and gave rise to a true solidarity movement among Montrealers. 

The birth of a story
The Berardi family always knew that their grandmother’s cooking was unique. It was said that she could take simple bread-and-butter and turn it into a culinary experience like no other: flavourful and comforting. For many years, her grandchildren have loved sharing their beloved “nonna’s” knowledge with family and friends, so that as many people as possible could enjoy her wonderful creations. For them, the pandemic was an eye-opener; the spark for a project that would take on unexpected proportions.  

Making a difference during the pandemic
Alessandra, Kate, Domenic and Firas, who works at MONTONI, are the four co-founders of Berardi’s. Because the pandemic was not only a health crisis, but also a socio-economic one, they quickly became aware of the great challenge it represented for some people in terms of food.  

It was this reality that drove them to use every minute of their free time—all four have full-time jobs—to cook and deliver their grandmother's delicious lasagna to people who, for whatever reason, needed a little sunshine in their day. The response to their cooking was instantaneous! The team was surprised to witness a real social movement among Montrealers. Many people, in addition to offering to pay for their lasagna, decided to contribute a little extra to enable another person to benefit from a free lasagna meal, all the while encouraging the four young entrepreneurs. 

A winning formula
On the menu: two kinds of lasagna: Nonna’s Classic and Spinaci Ricotta

The price: a voluntary contribution

Their policy: If times are tough, we’ll foot the bill! 

In a few months, thanks to their family and friends and the power of social media, Berardi’s has become a huge success! In addition to the lasagna, nonna’s tender meatballs and spicy oil are available for purchase. Berardi’s is planning to add traditional Italian meals to the menu as soon as it moves into its brand-new location.

Located in Parc-Ex 
Success means increased production. With the growing demand, a place to run this social enterprise and cook their famous lasagna quickly became necessary.  

Seeing the impact that his team member’s new initiative had on the community, Dario Montoni decided to offer Berardi’s one of his commercial spaces. And not just any space: a bright locale overlooking the green public courtyard of his very first residential real estate project: Le 495 Beaumont rental condos, located in Parc-Extension. The only condition: continue to give a percentage of the company's revenues back to the community and ... a taste test! Obviously, Dario adored the homemade lasagna.  

Awaiting you at Berardi’s: distinctive, 100% local and tasty fare! The new location is scheduled to open in time for the 2021 Holiday Season.