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Morehouse Foods Canada continues its growth: New sustainable facilities built by MONTONI set to triple its capacity

LAVAL, JUNE 1, 2022—MONTONI and Morehouse Foods Canada are proud to launch the construction of the company’s brand-new facility, which will incorporate its headquarters and a sauce and condiment production plant—a 90,000 sq. ft. building that will be completed by January 2023. The new state-of-the-art facility will triple the Québec company’s current capacity and create some thirty new jobs. To minimize the impact of the building on its environment and maximize the well-being of employees, the new complex will be built according to the DISTINCTION program by MONTONI.

Morehouse Foods Canada, already well known for its Le Grec product line and several other major brands, has over 20 years of expertise in the field of sauces and condiments. The new plant, with its ultramodern kitchen, will enable the company to develop innovative products at a time when it is experiencing exponential growth both in Québec and internationally.Morehouse Foods Canada is also excited to be moving to Laval, just off Highway 440, to continue its economic development.

“With the sustained growth we’ve experienced over the past few years, we needed new facilities to suit our production and that would allow us to continue to offer new, quality products to our customers. The new plant will also provide a stimulating work environment for our employees, so that they don’t work more, but work better.” Karina Massicotte, President, Morehouse Foods Canada

A DISTINCTION by MONTONI green project

From the start of the design phase, Morehouse Foods Canada’s priority was to ensure the proper management of its environmental footprint. Collaborating with MONTONI, an industry leader in green buildings, was therefore a natural fit. The DISTINCTION program was chosen by Morehouse Foods Canada because it offered a lot of flexibility given the size of the plant and head office to be built. By minimizing the environmental impact of each building on its surroundings and making occupants’ well-being a priority, the program aims to be an ally in attracting talent. Specifically, it provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces drinking water consumption by 30%
  • Ensures better air quality
  • Saves more than 15% in energy costs
  • Delivers optimum natural light and green spaces for employees
  • Promotes low-impact transportation with electric vehicle charging stations, showers, and bicycle lockers
  • Protects the site’s natural areas through responsible construction site management
  • Diverts 75% of construction waste from landfill

“MONTONI is proud to work with Morehouse for the development and construction of their building that will house their new headquarters and production plant. We remain committed to green buildings in Quebec and making them accessible to all businesses.” – Dario Montoni, President, Montoni Group


A leader in real estate development in Québec, MONTONI has a portfolio of close to 500 projects representing more than 20 million square feet of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential construction, 30 head offices and another 22 million square feet under development. Proud holder of the Canada’s Best-Managed Companies designation for more than 20 years, Montoni Group has secured itself a prime position holding large land portfolios in the Greater Montréal region. The company distinguishes itself by offering a full range of services covering development, construction—from excavation to interior design—and property management. A LEED-accredited member of the Canada Green Building Council, MONTONI is committed to building a sustainable heritage based on leading-edge expertise. The Group has more than 4.5 million square feet of LEED-certified buildings.

Among the developer’s recent projects are Espace Montmorency, a $450-million-plus multifunctional complex located adjacent to Montmorency métro station in Laval, as well as the 2019 acquisition of the Molson Brewery land, a development of more than 6 million sq. ft. in downtown Montréal, in partnership with Selection Group and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ.

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About Morehouse Foods Canada

A North American leader in its category, Morehouse Foods Canada stands out for the diversity and quality of its products. Well known for its Le Grec product line, specialty mustards and collaborations with major players in the restaurant industry, including Joe Beef, Au Pied de Cochon and Jérôme Ferrer, Morehouse distributes its products to all major grocery chains in Québec. The company is also continuing its international expansion.

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