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Espace Montmorency: five retailers announced for 2022 rental office will showcase 700 residential units

LAVAL, April 21th, 2021 - MONTONI, Selection Group, and the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ are pleased to announce developments at Espace Montmorency, the multifunctional project currently under construction in Downtown Laval, where a new rental office for the residential units was inaugurated.The Consortium partners are also proud to highlight five retail tenants that will set up operations at Espace Montmorency, a $450 million development, starting in the summer of 2022. When completed, the project located at a stone’s throw from the Montmorency Metro Station, will include 700-unit offerings from Selection Group’s Yimby, Hoop and Waltz brands as well as 500,000 sq. ft. of office and shopping areas. The partners are pleased with the enthusiasm they are seeing for new commercial and office space products and are confident that they will be able to meet the needs of future tenants.The first residents are scheduled to move into their new apartments in the next couple of months.

New retailers:

Espace Montmorency, whichwill housethe Laval offices of Deloitte, and the head offices of MONTONI and Selection Group, will addfive retail banners: 

- Ange Boulangerie: This is thefirst Laval location of this French chain which markets quality breads, pastries, pies, pizzas, sandwiches - at reasonable prices.

- Poulet Rouge: Poulet Rouge provides a variety of fast casual grilled chicken offerings including bowls, salads, wraps and chicken poutines.

- French Takos: This is the first Laval branch of this new chain which offers "authentic French takos" made with original cheese sauce and carefully selected, premium quality meat.

- Benny&Co: The largest chain of Quebec family-oriented rotisseries that specializesin roast chicken dishes will open its first new concept in Laval.A fifth location in Laval for this 3rd generation business

- Kababgy: The first Laval branch ofthis chain of authentic Lebanese cuisine outlets.

Other restaurants and cafes will be added to the list of retail offerings during the coming weeks as well asa hotel and new office tenants. When completed, the new complex and its welcoming green spaces will enable the surrounding community and visitors to benefit from a vibrant new spacein the heart of Laval where people can live, work, and play.

A new rental office for the residential units

Therental officefor the residential units opened its doors yesterday at 760 Boulevard Le Corbusier.In a modern and daring locale, decorated in colors inspired by the project and its different residential components, the visitors (in compliance with the sanitary rules in force)can get information about Espace Montmorency and why it will be the place to live in Laval.

The rental office provides visitors with touch screens that enable them to view three dimensional models and imagery of the project, and the interior finishing of the various residential units. The facility also includes offices and a conference room to facilitate exchanges between rental advisers and visitors.

Intergenerational residential products

The residential component of Espace Montmorency will include three diversified, innovative offerings:

  • Yimby rental apartmentsare designed for young professionalsand includes furnishings that can be adapted to the needs of tenants, who thrive on living in an outstanding community environment.
  • Hoop offers rental condos that adapt perfectly to the needs of all types of families.
  • Waltz enables those who want to live in premium rental condos that offer spacious and refined interiors, with impeccable finishes down to the smallest detail.

These housing concepts foster a dynamic and complete living environment and an avant-garde intergenerational offering at Espace Montmorency. Each offering will provide tenants a range of inclusions including state-of-the-art common areas that meet the needs of a demanding clientele. Several of these common areas will be shared among all Espace Montmorency tenants to foster exchanges between the generations. When completed, Espace Montmorency will comprise more than 700 rental units including 222 Yimby units, 287 Hoop units, and 208 Waltz units.

LEED v4 QA Gold certification

Espace Montmorency was planned based on rigorous environmental values ​​designed to make it a benchmark for mixed development projects. The project was recently awarded a Gold level LEED v4 ND certification related to neighbourhood development, making it the 4th complex in the country to receive a certification in this category. The partners are also working to obtain LEED Gold and LEED Platinum certifications related to the Core and Shell of the buildings. These measures are intended to cut energy usage by more than 50 %.  

Progress on various phases of the project

Espace Montmorency was planned so that work could be done in one phase. This would enable occupants to experience the complex’s full benefits on its projected opening date, in the fall 2022:

- Section 1 - Construction of the project’s underground parking lot which will accommodate 1,400 spaces and which will connect the project to the Montreal underground network through the Montmorency metro station and a 150,000 sq. ft. commercial basilica erected over two floors. The parking structure is completed.              

- Section 2 –Towers 1 and 4, which will include more than 700 residential units spread over 635,000 sq. ft. : the structure in Towers 1 and 4 will be completed within six weeks, bringing them to their full height.              

- Section 3 – Construction of Tower 2 which will include 350,000 sq. ft. of office space and Tower 3 which will include a 180-room hotel: about a third of the structure of Tower 2 is completed.            


“We believe that Espace Montmorency meets a growing need. Being connected to the Montreal metro system means that it has the advantages of a large urban center, while remaining in a suburban setting. This is ideal for those who prefer to work closer to home following the pandemic and for companies wishing to set up satellite offices where people don’t have to be downtown. We are happy to be moving our offices to thisstimulating environment which will integrate the latest trends in terms of technology, sustainable development, wellness, and space management.

- Dario Montoni, President, Montoni Group

“Innovation is an increasingly key driver of how Selection Group develops living spaces. Espace Montmorency is a large-scale, cutting-edge project that will stand out for its central location, with a tunnel leading directly to the metro, and high value-added services that will improve residents’ quality of life. These benefits range from energy efficiency, to comfort, space modulation and sharing of electric vehicles. We are also proud to collaborate on bringing together an ecosystem of Quebec businesses in a project that will help us transform downtown Laval."

- Réal Bouclin, Founding President and Chief Executive Officer, Selection Group

“Despite the current pandemic related environment, the market is responding well and innovative office and commercial spaces remain popular with companies who want to offer their employees a stimulating work environment. That is precisely what we are creating with this urban hub where business, culture and community coexist. " 

- Normand Bélanger, President and CEO,

Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ (Real EstateFund)

About Montoni Group

A leader in real estate development in Québec, MONTONI has a portfolio of close to 450 projects representing more than 15 million sq. ft. of industrial, commercial, institutional and residential construction, 30 head offices and another 15 million sq. ft. under development. Proud holder of the Canada’s Best-Managed Companies designation for 20 years and a Platinum Club member since 2007, Montoni Group has secured itself a prime position holding large land portfolios in the Greater Montréal region. The company distinguishes itself by offering a full range of services covering development, construction—from excavation to interior design—and property management. A LEED®-accredited member of the Canada Green Building Council, MONTONI is committed to building a sustainable heritage based on leading-edge expertise. The Group has more than 4 million sq. ft. of LEED®-certified buildings.

About Selection Group

Selection Group is an international leader in the creation and management of living environments, which leverages its real estate platform to invest in innovative solutions that improve people's quality of life and create avant-garde multigenerational projects centered around the well-being of its residents. Selection Group’s unique vertically-integrated structure and inter-generational vision are pillars of its geographic expansion and the diversification of its real estate products which target young people, families, and retirees. Selection Group has balanced rapid growth in recent years while maintaining a consistent, exceptional customer satisfaction rate of nearly 95% thanks to the commitment of close to 5,000 employees located throughout Quebec. Selection Group, whose head office is in Laval, Quebec, currently has more than 50 residential complexes in operation, under construction and in development in Canada and the United States and the value of its assets exceeds $5 billion.

About Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ

The Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ (Real Estate Fund) contributes to Quebec’s economic development by participating financially and strategically in the completion of socially responsible, profitable real estate projects, that create jobs in partnership with leaders in the sector. It supports the start-up of real estate projects of all sizes and in all regions of Quebec, in the residential, office, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. As of December 31, 2020 it had 52 projects worth $3.5 billion under development, 92 buildings under management, 1.3 million sq. ft. of land to be developed and $116 million dollars were invested in social, community or affordable housing projects. The Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ is a member of theCanadaGreen Building Council.

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