Bees In May 2019, our Project Development Manager, Patrick Côté, convinced our executives to adopt some local bees. The very word “bees” startled quite a few people in the office, who felt the idea of welcoming these new winged team members was cause for concern! Nevertheless, a few weeks later Alvéole arrived to install a hive in our front courtyard for our new residents.

Founded in 2012, Alvéole is a unique Quebec company. Its team of urban beekeepers installs hives around town to encourage pollination, which lends a hand to the environment!  

Why beehives?

For several years, the world’s bee population has greatly declined and this is causing many environmental problems. Did you know that 90 percent of plants propagate and grow through pollination? Without bees, some species and crops would be endangered. This includes garlic, beets, coffee and many others… Following a discussion with Alvéole, Patrick saw an opportunity to contribute to the greening of our city by creating awareness amongst employees of the importance of maintaining biodiversity. “The importance of the environment is one of MONTONI’s key values, so installing hives seemed obvious and in line with our everyday activities,” explains Patrick.  

Afraid of bees?

Most people are afraid when they see a bee, and our leaders were definitely in this category! But we knew just how to calm their fears. Bees only sting if they believe their colony is being threatened. When they sting, they die immediately afterward, since they leave their stinger and a portion of their abdomen in their target. The fact is, you have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than dying after being stung by a bee (unless you are allergic, of course)!

Interested in urban beekeeping? Visit the website.