Anatomik X MONTONI: A lasting relationship!

Anatomik X MONTONI: A lasting relationship!

Turning a passion for fitness into a career

Fitness was her medicine. From an early age, Kasia was very active. She already knew that she would make it a career later. For this highly motivated and ambitious girl, her choice of studies was clear: a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Université de Montréal. This academic path would enable her to fulfil her dream of combining her professional life with her passion for physical activity by helping people develop healthy lifestyles.

After completing her studies, Kasia went into business right away, creating her own company in 2010: Anatomik. Her services included at-home personal training, on-site corporate group classes, meal plans, training programs and much more! By listening to customers and keeping up with the latest advances in the field, Anatomik sought to carve out a niche in the industry by offering a turnkey health and wellness service.

A happy coincidence

After creating Anatomik, Katia’s first step was to advertise her services and attract her future clientele. After placing an ad for her services on the popular classified ads site Kijiji, she received her very first phone call: Dario Montoni!

It has now been over 10 years since that first call. Since then, Kasia has been busy leading lively structured group classes for MONTONI staff twice a week, as well as taking care of the Montoni family’s physical health! A relationship of trust has developed over the years. Today, Kasia is an integral member of #TeamMontoni.

A new challenge at 495 Beaumont

The year 2020 marked MONTONI’s entry into the residential sector! Le 495 Beaumont, in Parc-Extension, is a mixed-use development that aims to revolutionize residential rental space by combining comfort, convenience and fitness. And when we say convenience, we mean an on-site fitness room, of course.

To combine performance, quality and design, Dario Montoni naturally entrusted Kasia with the task of designing the project’s fitness room. Equipped with high-end Matrix machines, the space, which overlooks the development’s green interior courtyard, is designed so that the occupants of Le 495 can incorporate a healthy and active lifestyle into their day-to-day. Nearly 90 new people have the chance to develop healthy habits thanks to Kasia! Another beautiful story by Anatomik X MONTONI.