Our Expertise

Pioneers in design-led construction

Every MONTONI project is custom-tailored to meet our client’s unique needs and ambitions. Now, 20 years later, we are experts in design-led construction with vertically integrated services that cover every aspect of a project from planning to finishing touches. This means a streamlined, cost-effective process and better results for our clients.

We connect emerging technology to better outcomes.

As an industry, construction has often been slow to adopt new technologies. At MONTONI, we believe technology is the key to agility at scale and providing novel solutions for our clients. Emerging tools like augmented and virtual reality allow us to better visualize virtual objects in the real world, and digitisation means information can be shared between our teams in real time. Technology is rebuilding the construction industry, and we use these emerging tools to provide our clients with better outcomes.

Building a better world.

Energy efficient. High performing. Adaptive. Resilient. At MONTONI, sustainable design is part of our DNA. By reducing waste and maximizing performance outcomes, we are able to deliver built environments that not only support environmental quality but provide our clients with enduring value.

The MONTONI Vision

Governed by a strong code of ethics, MONTONI aims to build a legacy on the cutting edge of the real estate industry in terms of both technology and sustainable practices. Our team of seasoned professionals and trusted partners apply vision, experience and knowledge to our clients’ ambitions to build the best projects in the construction sector.