Distinction by Montoni

Distinction by Montoni is an innovative sustainable design program that aims to reduce the environmental impact of each building, ensure the wellbeing of its occupants and remain affordable for projects of every size.

The building of the future

Distinction by Montoni integrates cutting edge automated systems to optimize occupants’ comfort and experience. Everything ranging from temperature and lighting to parking and restaurant reservations can be customized to suit occupants’ schedules and preferences.

Designed for a modern workforce

Distinction by Montoni integrates a wealth of research into its workspace design, creating ergonomic environments that encourage collaboration and stimulate creativity. Each project is designed to reflect the company’s organizational culture and meets operational needs efficiently.

Accessible for every project

Intended to supplement LEED and other environmental programs, Distinction by Montoni is designed to integrate green achievements that can be implemented easily at low cost for projects of every size. The program is also distinct in that it pays extra attention to the well-being of users and maintaining an optimal cost-benefit ratio.