MONTONI: an edifying vision


The company has seen considerable growth since its creation in 1995. At that time, only a small team worked alongside Dario Montoni, its founder, in carrying out the firm’s first commercial and industrial construction projects. Ever since then, MONTONI expertise has continued to grow and strengthen, and the company has benefited from its well-known reputation in the building industry.


MONTONI operates in accordance with a clear and specific vision: “To create a real estate legacy at the cutting edge of the industry in terms of both technology and environmentally friendly practices by building the best projects in the construction sector.” Its seasoned team of professionals, in association with trusted partners, sees highly efficient, competitive projects to their completion. From initial design to turnkey delivery, MONTONI provides an optimal quality of service while staying in line with specified budgets and schedules.


MONTONI thinking is focused on three major concerns: the intrinsic value of a well-designed, well-constructed building, the quality of life of its occupants, and sustainable development. On the basis of this model, MONTONI carries out projects  whose remarkable attractiveness and functional performance are inherent in a unique respect for the environment.


Furthermore, we are proud that, for over 15 years now, MONTONI has had the honour of being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies .