Laval, June 15, 2016 — Montoni began as the dream of a young, 25-year-old engineer, Dario Montoni, who wanted to modernize the construction industry’s traditional methods. Group Montoni is now celebrating its 20th anniversary – two decades after it was said that there was no room for a new player in a saturated market. Montoni has become a real estate leader in Quebec and Eastern Canada, on the strength of a team that has grown in numbers and in experience.

It is a story dotted with milestones – all of them adding up to success.

From its inception, Montoni stood apart with its approach which, still today, is a company trademark: putting customers at the very heart of each step of a project’s design, championing their satisfaction and surpassing their expectations. It is common that new clients are referred by other clients. Montoni’s reputation has become the cornerstone of its business.

From a first LEED® certification to Canada’s first industrial park comprised entirely of LEED buildings, Montoni is clearly committed to green construction and sustainable development. In fact, the Canada Green Building Council (CGBC) honoured the company with its “Leadership Award” in 2013 in recognition of its environmental choices.

Montoni was first recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best-Managed Companies in 2001. This year, Montoni celebrated its 15th consecutive year of winning this honour and is an established member of the Best-Managed Companies’ prestigious Platinum Club since 2007. Year after year, the company continues to excel remaining constant in its successful management of budgets and schedules.

Montoni’s expertise was forged through 300 projects that stand apart for their aesthetics, their layout, their urban integration, their energy efficiency or their sustainable construction – all of which can essentially be attributed to the know-how and devotion of its nearly 100 employees.

Not only did this young engineer succeed in modernizing the industry’s methods, he gathered the best team to impose a trademark: surpassing the highest quality standards in everything they undertake, no matter the size of the project, and with the same level of commitment to the customer.

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