A member of the Canada Green Building Council, MONTONI is one of the construction industry’s major pioneers in the Greater Montreal Area in terms of incorporating LEED standards and norms. Mindful of the need to protect the environment for future generations, since 2006 the MONTONI team has put a great deal of effort into seeking and receiving LEED certification for most of its projects.

cbdcThe Canada Green Building Council  presented its 2013 Industry Leadership Award to Groupe MONTONI, in recognition of its tireless commitment to environmentally friendly LEED construction and sustainable development.

Residential and commercial buildings in Canada have a significant environmental footprint.

They are responsible for roughly:

  • 50% of natural resource extraction and 33% of energy consumption throughout the country
  • 25% of the waste that ends up as landfill
  • 10% of airborne particulates
  • 35% of greenhouse gases

Here’s an overview of the positive environmental impact of sustainable buildings that have received LEED certification: